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-TK has a new rival in fellow player Shane Givens and the Coach wants Dani to put an end to their fighting

-TK takes Dani's advice and tries to focus on himself... by stealing Shane's girlfriend and increasing the rivalry.

-Shane then steals TK's old girlfriend.  After several fights, TK finally manages to take Dani's advice and bury the hatchet with Shane.

-Dani takes on Billy, a race car driver as a client. He's afraid to get back in the car after a crash.

-Dani deduces that he was having panic attacks even before the crash. His boyhood idol, now racing rival, Dom Leveque has been psyching him out on the track.

-Dani shows Billy that Leveque is actually scared and envious of him. Billy is able to race again.

-A caseworker visits Dani's home at the worst possible times to determine custody of the kids in the divorce. Lindsay throws a party while Dani is out and the police are called to the house.

-In the end, the caseworker determines that Dani's home is normal and recommends the children remain in her custody.

Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

When a person spins out you often can't tell until after they hit the wall.


Vodka and painkillers, statistically, deadlier than auto racing.