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-Shannon, a player's wife is caught shoplifting and enters therapy with Dani. She's stealing things that either belong to or remind her of another player's wife, LeighAnn.

-LeighAnn surprised her husband during an away game and witnesses Shannon's husband with another woman. She was then told never to tell Shannon so she cut off their friendship.

-Turns out Shannon already knew about her husbands indiscretions but was scared to leave him. Dani offers her help and support.

-When Ray Jay is on pain meds for an ankle injury, he lets it slip that TK got him into the club and bought him a car. 

-Dani confronts TK about his lack of boundaries. TK gets upset. He though they were friends. Dani admits that although she cares for him, she's his therapist, not his friend.

-TK storms out and quits therapy.

-Juliette, the team owner's daughter calls Nico for help.  She parties too much and gets in trouble with the wrong guys. With Dani's help Nico realizes that his help is only enabling Juliette's behavior.

Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Nico: What's he on Juliette?
Juliette: He's fine. I had more to drink last night than he did.
Nico: And you're proud of that?

Ray Jay is not going to kill me off without a fight.