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-Dani treats quarterback Rex Evans for his rage issues and finds out he's gay and his partner of three years is threatening to leave him if they don't finally go public.

-With no other players out, Rex is reluctant until Jim leaves him. Then he tells Dani he wants to go public.

-TK takes on ex football player Joe Liberty as his sponsor. They start ballet lessons to help TK with his game.

-Juliette can't sell the team because Marshall Pittman sold the stadium to Mark Cuban. No one else will buy the team without the stadium.

-When her mother has a mild heart attack, Dani searches for Eddie Marcone the man she had an affair with but finds out he died.

-Dani tells Matt that she wants him back and she's willing to start a family. Matt is angry. He's moved on and has started a new relationship with Noelle. He walks out leaving Dani devastated.

Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Sobriety is war, Terrence and you can't win any war without losing some battles.


Which is worse, regretting what you did or what you didn't do?