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-T.K. survives his gun shot wounds but has a long recovery. Six weeks later he swears he's fine but Dani worries he's suffering from PTSD.

-At a fan event, T.K. has visions of his attacker and almost shoots into the crowd but Nico stops him. Dani convinces him he needs help.

-Dani and Matt are keeping their relationship a secret which leads to him sneaking out of her bedroom when the kids come home early from staying with their dad.

-Dani catches Ray Jay in bed with his tutor. When she fires the tutor and insists on talking to Ray Jay he storms out.

-The Pitmans are divorcing and news breaks that the team may be sold because of a lack of cash. 

-Juliette texts Nico with 911 but he can't find her anywhere and Marshall Pitman won't answer his messages. When Juliette finally uses her credit card at a hotel Nico runs to find her only to find Marshall instead.

-Marshall tells Nico he set him up.  Juliette is fine and on vacation but this was just the beginning of payback for Nico sleeping with Pitman's wife.

Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

I hate that stupid, chirpy, happy sound.


I ain't dead yet, bitches.