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-TK is called as a witness for the defense during the trial against his shooter. The defense tries to get TK to lose his temper on the stand to make him look like a dangerous man.

-With Dani's help, TK manages to keep control of his emotions but later that night he takes even more pain pills to cope.

-Mukesh, a young boy begins stuttering during a spelling bee.  Mukesh is torn by the need to win and the desire to let his competitor, Hope win.  Hope has suffered through cancer and Mukesh thinks maybe she deserves it more than him.

-Dani convinces Mukesh to do his best in the competition and then ask Hope out for ice cream afterwards.

-Jeanette ends up in the E.R. when she begins spotting but the baby is fine.  She later calls Augusto and tells him they are having a baby.  He is thrilled.

-Dani realizes what Matt would be losing if they stay together and never have children.  The two talk it out and decide to end their relationship.

Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Breakfast in bed means you actually have to be in bed.


Our words have power.