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-It's six months later. Dani hasn't heard from Nico and Matt has married a pregnant Noelle to give their new family a chance. 


-A new coach takes over The Hawks and fires Dani. Nico pops back up and calls her to V3, a sports and media management firm where she meets Connor McClane and Troy Cutler. 


-Connor likes Dani, Troy does not but they hire her to help their pitching phenom, Darryl Hutchinson. Darryl must be in Kansas City to play for his new team but he's afraid to fly.


-Despite Troy's interference, Dani realizes that Darryl is suffering from a case of PTSD from witnessing a fellow athlete have a violent breakdown due to the pressure. With Dani's help he makes it to Kansas City.


-Kansas City drops Darryl anyway. They're worried about his flying issues. Turns out Connor leaked the information to get him a shot with the NY Yankees. Now Darryl can continue to see Dani.


-Dani slaps Nico. She's angry he didn't return her calls for six months. She thought he was dead. They both apologize for hurting one another.  Connor offers Dani a full time job at V3 but Nico doesn't seem happy.


-TK hates the new coach and quits but comes back after talking to Dani. The coach has multiple championship rings and TK wants one. 


-Jeanette returns for a visit. RayJay is still in Europe with Juliette Pittman


Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

The therapist / client privilege is not an option like coleslaw or potato salad. It is an iron clad rule.


The only constant in football Dani, is change.