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-Connor tries to woo basketball star Devin Langer away from rival firm SBG Management by offering Dr. Dani to help him throw successful free throws again.


-Dani realizes that Devin's issues on the court are fueled by the tension with his mother. Dani offers to counsel both of them.


-Connor not only gets Devin to come over from  SMG, but also gets Devin's agent and most of his clients.


-Abigail Bruce tries to woo TK to come over to SMG but he declines. Turns out Abigail used to work for Connor and she broke his heart. She not only left him but she stole some of his clients and started her own firm. 


-V3 believes they are being hacked by SMG. Nico turns the tables and uses it to get another agent inside V3.


-Connor and Dani grow closer as Nico looks on, obviously unhappy.

Necessary Roughness
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