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-Nico tells Dani that's he's working for the FBI and they track down Joseph Crabcheck together. Crabcheck admits that he can't tell them anything because he signed a confidentiality agreement when he left…but that the problems lie at V3's clinic.


-Paloma returns and tries to file a harassment complaint against Troy, who in turn has her fired.


-Both Connor and Troy contact Abigail Bruce separately to side with them to take over V3.


-TK has a possible career ending injury. The doctors at the V3 clinic promise that a experimental treatment could fix it, but he has to sign a confidentiality agreement to participate. TK signs the contract.

Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

What am I suppose to do while you're tracking him down, just skip on back to the Death Star like it's Disneyland?


Federal Agent: Conviction on any of these could mean years of prison time.
Nico: I'll catch up on my summer reading.