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Max starts chemo, but he still refuses to slow down, and he won't get to know and barely listens to his cancer support group. He asks Helen to be his medical director for him, but she tells him she'll have to think about it because she has a lot of other things that she's trying to juggle too. 

A frequent flyer patient returns to the hospital. He's there because he is homeless, and he likes staying at the hospital as long as he can. When Bloom mentions the frequency by which he keeps coming in, Max takes over and figures that it would be cheaper to buy the man an apartment. 

He runs it past Fulton, who is not onboard until he realizes that it would be cheaper. Max gets the man an apartment, but he eventually returns, so Max gets him a position at the hospital to keep him busy because he likes being there. 

Max suggests Bloom as another choice, but Helen dismisses it. She spends the day checking up on Bloom, which is drivng Bloom crazy. 

She eventually goes through Bloom's belongings to see if she's still taking pills, which she is. Bloom is upset. 

Helen agrees to take over for Max. 

A patient with hallucinations needs help. His father proposes deep brain stimulation to help him stop seeing a wolf attacking him. It doesn't work. 

Iggy later suggests that he go somewhere where he won't be treated like a problem, and his father eventually agrees. 

Floyd is being interviewed for an article about running the cardio division. The journalist digs up his old mugshot. Floyd doesn't want to talk about it at first. 

He runs it past Max, and also Evie, and they work towards shutting it down, but Evie also tells him to own his story. He tells the journalist the truth about being arrested for driving while black on the night Obama was elected. 

Rohan asks Kapoor for money. He refuses. When Rohan and Ella hang out, he learns that Kapoor gave her money. 

He invites Ella out, and Kapoor doesn't know what to make of it. 

New Amsterdam
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