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Max has to prepare to give a speech and charm the donors at a hospital fundraiser. The Dean puts a lot of pressure on him to succeed because hospital funds depend on it. 

Max is in the middle of a speech when Helen and Kapoor get his attention to consult him about a case. 

Kapoor and Helen are treating father and son hikers who start seizing and having some sort of reaction. They think it's some form of an ancient disease, and they're afraid it made spread through the hospital. 

They quarantine the father and son, and they run tests trying to determine what it is. At some point, they came up with a potential solution, but one of them might day to save the other one. They test everything out on the son and he has a reaction which scares and devastates the father. 

Helen and Kapoor eventually figure out the effects of climate change on diseases and the technology that caused them to question their initial judgment. They are able to diagnose and successfully treat both of them. 

Kapoor accidentally invited Ella from the coffee shop to the fundraiser with him and worried she would mistake it for a date. When he finally makes it there after the case, he clears the air. 

Iggy's daughter is looking forward to her grandparents coming to the event. Iggy doesn't have the heart to tell her that they probably won't show. After speaking to his mom, he realizes that they plan on bailing again because his parents don't support his gay marriage or Muslim kids. 

His husband, Martin, encourages him to be honest with their daughter, and Iggy tells her the truth about her grandparents. 

Floyd has to treat a patient who is an inmate who was given Ketamine as a tranquilizer. After talking to the inmate, he realizes that he guard is giving it to him to control him. He and Max take it up with the warden who dismises it at first. 

Floyd finds a way to get the woman to confess to her actions on recording and shares it with the warden. Action is taken. 

Lauren is conflicted about Floyd and will talk to anyone who listens. She talks to the Dean about him, and she eventually decides to pair Floyd up with the hospital lawyer who is a friend of hers and who Floyd claims he would be into. 

Max wants to date Georgia to make things work. She comes to the fundraiser, but when Max has to leave, Georgia takes it upon herself to impress the donors on his behalf by highlighting the fact that he's devoted to his patients more than trying to impress all of them. 

It works and they reach their goal. Max takes a moment to dance with her wife, and she tells him that since she's in the clear with her pregnancy and no longer in need of bedrest and all that she wants him to move back in with her. She wants to be a family again. 

He tells her the news about his cancer. 


New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Floyd: She can't do that. Why didn't you say anything?
Inmate: Dude, who cares about us?

Dean: How in God's name did you raise money in Chinatown?
Max: I had a secret weapon.
Dean: Well, dust it off, kid because you're going to need it.