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Max talks Georgia into agreeing with him about trying the precision therapy instead of the chemo. Helen relents and agrees to reach out to the trial doctor to get Max into the trial.

A patient comes in with hemophilia and other issues. Helen realizes that she is the woman who recieved Luna's heart years ago. She tells Max and he makes it Jo's mission to save Sarah and the heart. Floyd tells him that she needs a heart transplant and the heart is no good and Max doesn't want to hear it at first.

Sarah realizes who Max is and tells him that she remembers meeting him once at Luna's funeral. He doesn't remember until she tells him he told her his sister would teach him how to skip rocks but couldn't so she did instead.

They try to get her on the transplant list but she's in poor condition that she's denied at first but Max convinces the woman to do something and she tells him Sarah has to pass three tests to get the OK. Max stays with her over night until she does but not before Sarah tells him she is OK dying because thanks to Luna she got to live a good life.

Sarah passes the tests and she lets Max listen to Luna's heart before she gets the transplant.

Helen meets up with the trial doc and he calls her later to tell her Max is in and asks her on a date. She agrees.

Iggy sits down with the family of a trans teen to discuss top surgery. The parents don't want him to get it yet because he's too young, but he does. Iggy agrees that he's okay to make the best decision. After Iggy consults with him, he tells him that he needs to wait a year until his breast tissue is done growing so they can figure out the best surgery for him.

He gets angry and tweets out that Iggy is a anti-trans. It spreads like wildfire and is the first thing you see when you Google. Iggy sits down with him and they clear the air. Shay knows Iggy isn't trsnsphobe but he felt pressured by all of his followers to see the surgery through as soon as possible because they raised money in a go fund me.

Lauren is still not sleeping. Floyd confronts her about what she told Evie, and she goes to clear the air with Evie.

She accidentally tells Casey to give a patient the wrong medicine, but he corrected her before she realized it. She apologizes to him later, but he tells her that she makes a lot of mistakes that he has covered for her and that she needs to get help because the patient could have died. She doesn't want to hear it.

Max and Georgia go to the place he and Luna would play to spread the ashes of Lunas heart. He collapses when Georgia isn't looking and she screams out for help.

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Today I get to help somebody find out who they are. I get to help someone find their voice.


Georgia: Enough. Is this what you really want?
Max: She's right. Chemotherapy and radiation, they work. They do the job, but they'll break me no matter how strong I am. I'll lose my hearing, my sight. I'll lose my mind. They don't always come back. I have so many things that I need to do.
Georgia: So let's get in the trial.
Helen: So let's get in the trial.