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Helen has a fertility appointment and Panthaki goes with her. He proposes being the father to her baby, and she has to take time to think about it. By the end of the day she realizes that she doesn't want to rush that, and he admits that he offered on a whim. 

Karen tells Max that there are outstanding debts that Max has to do something about. He meets with the people in debt and embarks on a barter system using their skills to pay off their medical bills, which works. Karen allows him to do it that once, but also tells him it won't happen again. 

She threatens him if he gets on her bad side. 

Max has to adjust to his new oncologist who he doesn't care for because of her not being Helen. She demands he stay regular with his chemo treatment and proposes him stepping back. He switches his appointment, and she's annoyed. 

She finally tells him that if he doesn't stop and take care of himself he will die. Her candor rattles him. He speaks to Helen about it, and she says that's why she arranged for Virginia to be his doctor. Max is scared if he tops moving, the cancer will catch up to him and it has taken so much already. 

A man comes in with his best friend/surrogate. She ends up brain dead. He tells the doctors about his contract in Jersey with the mother and that money was exchanged and New York doesn't recognize surrogacy contracts so his baby is taken from him. 

His surrogates parents arrive, and they want the baby too. They have a quick court hearing where the judge says they baby will be in foster care before everything is resolved. Michael decides to let the parents have the baby if it keeps his son out of foster care. 

The parents eventuay come around. 

A young girl with Cystic Fibrosis is sick. They find out that he she hasn't been taking her medicine which gave her an ulcer. She wanted to show her pregnant mother that she still neded to be take care of, and he rmother wouldn't have the time when the baby arrived. 

Kapoor noticed his wife's bracelet on Ella's wrist and it gets to him. He tells Ella later when she apolozies and returs in that he accused Rohan of stealing it for drugs years ago and accused him of lying about it. Ella extends Rohan's invitation for Harvest. 

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Rohan told me this was a family piece when he gave it to me, but from the look on your face I'm assuming it belonged to your late wife.


Max: Please, please take me back.
Helen: Max, friends. Colleagues.