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Max has a nightmare about his future daughter and not being there for her. He wakes up with his chemo treatment next to him, and he notices his hair is coming out. 

He goes into work with a beanie on and seems to be in a mood that gets progressively worse as they day goes in. It's enough to have Helen worried about him and wondering what's going on, but he shuts her out. 

Iggy tells her that it may be due to her no longer being his doctor anymore. 

The doctors have to convene to review the death of the police officer Floyd worked on. It's standard procedure, but Max is being aggressive with the questions he is asking Nottingham and Floyd. 

He picks apart every last detail, and Floyd tries to keep his cool. Max takes everyone to the morgue to go over the autsospy again and the photos of the deceased. He questions Floyd's abilities and mental state, and Floyd snaps. Floyd tells Max that he resigns. 

Helen tries to run interferance. She talks to Virginia and finds out that none of Max's treatment is working and his conditon will only get worse. She tells Floyd and Floyd goes to Max and they have a talk Max expresses fears about his and anyon'e lives being arbitrary. 

Max goes to Virginia and she tells him about another treatment that's more aggressive. He wants to do it. 

Iggy's patient Avi is doing well and is suppsoed to be moving, but he's not ready for it and lashes out. The social worker thinks Avi should just move on, but IGgy doesn't think Avi is ready yet. 

Avi has an ouburst. 

Iggy talks things through with Avi, and Avie eventually is ready to leave. He says goodbye to Iggy. The social worker says she's filing for an investigation against Iggy for unethical treatment. 

Kapoor treats a patient who previously gave him a one-star on Yelp. They try to give her the best treatment. He ends up saving her life. 

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Evie: There was a police officer that died on your table under your knife. You know that they're going to be looking for someone to blame. I hate to say it, but it sure feels like Max is trying to make sure that person is you.
Max: Dr. Reynolds, are you actually ready?

No one is ruining your life, Avi. I don't think anyone has that power.