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Lauren is called in to consult on a VIP patient. Max tells her that she is the patient and leaves her to get evalated by Iggy who will determine if she should be turned into the board. Lauren wants to refuse at first, but Iggy tells her that otherwise she will be let go. 

She thinks it has to do with Helen, but he tells her that multiple people have concerns. She starts off lying about her addiction and endangering lives until he reads an incident report. 

He asks her about her family, she eventually talks about her alcoholic mother and her father. At first, she seems to idolize her father until Iggy points out that he ran away from things and left her to deal with her mother at a young age and that she runs away from things too.

After they talk, he tells her that she can go because she's cleared. She tries to go back to work, but she can't because she knows she has a problem and needs her pills. She goes back and asks him for help. 

They talk about how she left for college across the country to escape taking care of her mother and sister who is also an addict. She feels guilty but he tells her that it wasn't her fault. They agree that she needs help. She is sent away to rehab, and Max reassures her that her job will be there for her when she returns. 

A diabetic patient who isn't taking care of herself and who happens to be the mother of one of the doctors comes in. She falls ill in the hospital and Floyd does exploratory surgery on her to get to the bottom of it. 

Max tells people that he's getting rid of obsolete jobs but not the people who are performing them. When they tell him that their job is obsolete, they ask what their new position is. He doesn't figure it out at first, but he then realizes that he can use them all in a special clinic at a different site. 

Kapoor is bothered by Rohan and Ella's relationship. He tries to speak to both of them about it, but he makes them both mad. He breaks down to Iggy. 

Panthaki invites Helen on an away trip to a concert. She declines at first, but then later tells him that she was scared and comes with baggage. They go. 

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Lauren: So, who's the patient?
Max: You are.

Just because your job is obsolete doesn't mean that you are.