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The aggressive chemo is working but it's also making Max weaker and sicker. He can barely walk around the hospital, and he doesn't look himself. He's constantly told to use a wheelchair. 

Max tries to help a patient who is uninsured. He turns out to be an addict, but when he's caught stealing needles, Max let's him go. 

Max realizes too many people don't know NA is a public hospital which treats the uninsured so he makes it his mission to share with as many people as possible despite it being ill advised. 

Helen notices him collapse. She talks to him about his health. She decides to get him off of the chemo and come up with something else, and she sends him home. 

Akash is upset when she tells him she's Max's doctor again and that she can't indulge in his plans. He leaves. 

Bloom returns to the hospital. She wants to speak to Max about not returning permantly. Floyd hopes she changes her mind. He tells her about plans for Evie to meet his family. 

Bloom goes to Max's apartment and he opens the door bloodied. 

Helen and the social worker investiate Iggy. He is not following protocol with his patients when he's showing them any physical affection or buying them gifts. 

They as Avi about Iggy touching him. Avi says he wants to speak to only Iggy. Iggy and Avi speak  under Helen and the social worker's supervisoin and Avi tells Iggy about his relative sexually abusing him in Missouri which is why he doens't want to go back. 

Avi tells his mom. The social worker apologizes for filing a complaint, but Iggy thinks he needs to change his methods even if he doesn't like it. 

Kapoor and Floyd treat a family where some of them have TB. 

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Iggy: I have always tried to give the best care possible.
Helen: Your intentions aren't in question.
Iggy: Oh. Good.
Helen: Your methods are.

I just didn't think that feeling this good would feel this bad.