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Max is getting a treatment done by Helen, and they discuss telling the staff and chemo. 

They end up working on a case together with a rabbi. He needs surgery and he has to decide if it's worth it to have the surgery and only have ten percent chance of living or live for a year without it.

Max and Helen disagree on how to proceed and if he should get the surgery or not.  The rabbi chooses not to have the surgery and Max tries to convince him to reconsider.  He and Max talk about faith and Abraham and Isaac.

Max tells him about his cancer and asks him how he knows if he's making the right decision. The rabbi changes his mind and has the surgery, but now Max is concerned about him having it. 

Laura comes into the hospital tired and is popping her Adderall. She keeps trying to take naps but is interrupted. Her deprivation continues over the course of her shift. She helps Evie who is planning Floyd's birthday. 

At some point, Laura almost makes a mistake and has everyone questioning her judgment with a patient. She saves the patient though. She accidentally tells Evie that she and Floyd used to have sex. 

Evie surprises Floyd with the party, but she doesn't mention what she found out. 

Kapoor's patient with headaches tries to commit suicide by throwing herself in front of a train. She denies being depressed because in the Asian community, mental illness is stigmatized. She's afraid to talk to her mother about it. 

She's on her mother's health care insurance, so she can't get the help she needs. Iggy talks to Max who tells him to down code, which has the financial lady talking to Max about it. IT's the best way to help Amy without her mother.

Iggy decides that ideally her mother should know the truth and help her understand it so she can support her daughter. Kapoor talks to the mother about the stigma and how he understands it. It works, and the mother overhears Amy's fears when she's talking to Iggy. She supports her daughter.

It prompts Kapoor to support his son who is getting his year sobriety chip. He shows up at the ceremony.

 Helen is browsing profiles to find her sperm donor and tells Max about her ex who died and how she was supposed to have a baby with him. Max asks her to cancel his chemo, he doesn’t want to be a patient and his wife and the hospital need him.

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Helen: There's a 90% chance of dying during surgery.
Max: Or a 10% chance that you'll live.
Rabbi: Not good odds.

I would think a real reward would be not being an addict.