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  • Max doesn't say too much when he bumps into Floyd. When Floyd talks about leaving, Max tells him later that he doesn't want to lose anyone else in his life. 
  • A woman comes into the ER after nearly overdosing. Lauren treats her again. She's a regular. She gives the woman information on getting clean. 
  • Karen tells Max that he needs to do something about the number of opiod addicts coming into the hospital. She wants him to find a solution for the crisis and gives him permisson to do whatever he has to do. 
  • He starts with the doctors and calling them out on the number of opiates they provide. 
  • She isn't impressed and wants him to do more. She seems personally invested by it. 
  • He shuts down the ER and has all the other heads of the hospitals come for a chat. He wants them to terminate their contract with Nyler the company profiting off of all the opiates the prescribe. They don't want to listen to him. 
  • Adele tells him about her daughter. He puts a picture of her daughter up on the wall to the Nyler wing. Later on, everyone else does the same and the wall is covered with those lost to the crisis. 
  • One of the heads agrees to work with Max after Nyler retaliates against him for rpping up the contract. 
  • Karen adds a photo of her sister to the wall and it's the same woman who came into the hospital again and died from an overedose with the book Lauren gave her still in her pocket. 
  • Lauren meets her mom for dinner but she doesn't remember all the wrong she did to Lauren. 
  • Iggy helps a coupel work through their issues. They foud out that they were related via an ancestry test. Their mothers ended up with the same sperm donor. 
  • Iggy convinces them to move past it and move on, and they do. 
  • His binge eating has gotten worse. 
  • Alice calls Max to babysit her kid, but when she comes back from her date, they end up kissing. 
  • Helen investigates Castro's study and gets help from a friend. She finds out that Castro is tampering with her trial. 
New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Karen: Max, I want to see how much damage you can do.
Max: Challenge accepted.

Today, I want you to turn this epidemic around.