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Helen feels like a stranger at her own hospital when she comes back after her reprimand. She tells Lauren about it when she does Lauren's drug test.

Lauren shares that her family might be cursed because of the money they have.

Max takes Luna to her six month checkup.

Ella comes to Kapoor's house to stay with him. He welcomes her there with a ritual and shows her around the place, but it's still filled with things that were there when his wife was alive and his son still lived there.

Max meets Alice and her baby Bobby at the doctor's office and they both become fast friends. Helen is approached by many of the docotrs who have an issue with Max's latest policy that is ineffective.

Lauren meets with an senior aged patient who fell. He has various rates of pain. She recaps it is his shoulder, knee, foot, and skin. She asks him about all of his concerns, forcing her to sit down for a while, even admitting he is freezing; she suggests getting his chart before she forgets, but is useless by the time she reaches a computer.

Floyd is performing the surgery, but heartrate is still rising; meaning something else is wrong. Her body is rejecting the blood and hematology is called.

Trey meets with Helen who tells him that his allergies are his lymphoma returing and he's dying. He only has a few months left. He insists on his parents not knowing what is going on. Helen wants Iggy to talk to him.

Iggy is looking into Narcissistic Personality Disorder and still having a hard time with if it applies to him. .

Max gives Helen the OK to do whatever while he's gone and she takes it to heart doing things in a very similar manner to how Max would and fixing problems and breaking rules including forging his signature on stuff.

Max panics when he thinks something is wrong with Luna and he has the doctor check again and again to make sure she doesn't have cancer.

Lauren returns to Eli, her elderly patient says she had to dig deep and found out he has a low thyroid that explains all his symptoms.

Iggy and Trey talk. He explains why he doesn't want to tell his parents, and when Iggy has him make a video for his parents, Trey changes his mind.

Floyd finds out that his patient has Lupus and they have no blood for her at their hospital to save her.

Floyd informs his patient’s sister, Justine that her sister has no blood match and now is the time to contact the family. She is angry about the whole situation. Floyd informs Helen she isn’t going to allow the chain of command to stop him and asks if she is willing to help.

Ella tells Kapoor she appreciates him for trying to take her in but his home won't do, there isn't space for her. He clears his home out for her and makes up a room just for her.

Karen tries to reprimad Helen, but is later impressed by what Helen does to save her patient.

Floyd tells Max about trying to leave, and Max wants him to stay and isn't ready for him to go yet.

Iggy goes back to try and look into NPD more and starts binge eating food from his drawer.

Max updates Helen about Luna, and he's thankful for everything she did. She thanks him because she was excited doing what he did. She says she doesn't want to be hi safety net anymore, and they can work something out so she can be happier and do more.


New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Helen: Troy I have some bad news, the allergies you have are from the lymphoma. It means it has returned.
Troy: So back to chemo?

Alice: Hi, I'm anxious Alice.
Max: And I'm hiding behind my smile Max.