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  • Max arranges a date with Alice. 
  • At the hospital, Todd tells Max that he needs to cut $2 million in order to make payroll. They spend the entire time trying to figure out what programs to cut. 
  • Todd has his idea of which one that would solve their issues, but Max doesn't want to do it. 
  • No one is happy with any of Max's suggestions, and he alway finds a reason out of it. 
  • Max finally comes up with adding a new program that includes outsourcing their doctor to other smaller hospitals in need that would bring in more money rather than cost them money. 
  • Todd accepts this. 
  • Max goes out on his date, but he and Alice decide they aren't ready. 
  • A woman who hit her head comes into the ER with her family. They have to get to the bottom of what's going on with her when she has other symptoms. 
  • Kapoor is forced to use some AI techonology to diagnose his patients. 
  • But the AI doesn't know what's wrong with the woman, so Kapoor figures it out himself. Her daughter ate a hotdog from a vendor and had a tapeworm she passed to her mother. 
  • Max sends Floyd to mexico with a patient to do a heart surgery that almost goes wrong when they don't have blood at the bank and aren't prepared for big emergencies. 
  • Max finds out from the doctor down there that she's interested in Floyd's job opening. Max is suprised to find out that Floyd is leaving, since Floyd didn't get the chanceto notify him. 
  • Iggy and Helen treat a kid with brain turmors. He has developed them from stress. 
  • Iggy realizes that the stress is due to his experiences with racism. 
  • They try to find a way to help him process racism, and Helen has to remind Iggy that he can't fix the world, only this child. 
  • Lauren's mother comes to see her. After avoiding her all day, she sits down with her and agrees to a dinner.
New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Iggy: Does anyone else make you feel that way, less than? Diminished?
Cepheus: I'm 13, so everybody.

Mother: How does a 13-year-old get a tumor in his brain from stress?
Helen: That's what I would like to find out.