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Max holds one of his meetings with the staff to discuss communal health and how.if their health is good then it has positive effects on the patients. He listens to their grievances about not getting enough sleep or having enough family time or eating better. He spends the day listening to all of their issues and trying to find the best way to accommodate everyone within the budget. He decides to get thel.a charter bus to transport employees from work to home. They'll get back two hours of their day to take care of themselves in other ways.

Helen and Kapoor are worried that Max isn't grieving. They both try talking to him, but he avoids them when he can. Helen is upset because he always confides in her. Kapoor finally talks to max on the rooftop. Max says that he's afraid to allow himself to grieve fully because he won't be able to come back, and Luna needs him too much. Kapoor reassures Helen that Max is grieving in his own way

Max still envisions Georgia when he goes home.

Helen has to work with Castro. They have different styles. The cancer group Max.was part of aren't candidates for the therapy. Max doesn't know why Helen gave up half of her department.

Iggy.helps some inmates recognize they have more to offer to the world including the one with a life sentence. He arranges for him to take classes so he can be a teacher because he's so smart..

Floyd's mentee has great skills but makes an error checking out a patient. Lauren goes off on him but Floyd reminds him that he has to own his mistakes.

Lauren is cranky about pain Management but she finds a helpful release with her therapist. By sleeping with him.

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Helen: I shouldn't have said that.
Max: Said what?
Helen: That you were lucky after everything you've been through.
Max: I am lucky.

How can you take care of others if you can't take care of yourself?