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Max takes Luna for a stroll and stops to play a pickup game of basketball in the neighborhood. A young teen Harmony watches Luna for him. When the game is over Harmony's father Marquis collapses. Max treats him until he gets to New Amsterdam. Marquis has hypertension and admitted to not seeing a doctor.

Max is surprised to hear that Marquis and others don't to to the doctor for regular checkups. He heads to the barbershop to arrange to be there doctor and check up on the men there because 3 out of 4 black men are suffer from hypertension.

The barber is leery but let's him hang out there. None of the men want to get checked out though and when Max runs off stats and scares everyone he's kicked out. He goes to Floyd for advice and Floyd tells him of the history of distrust in the black especially black male community with doctors citing Tuskeegre and such. Max heads back to get a haircut and make a new solution work Kenny the barber.

Kenny records everyone's blood pressure and those with high blood pressure a couple of times in a row will get the medicine that Max provided. They also.come to get checked out.

Marquis needs a surgery that gets risky. Floyd is overwhelmed in surgery and Duke questions him. They almost lose the patient and Max sits with his daughter...Marquis turns out OK though.

Iggy and Kapoor's patient has lead poisoning so they investigate the cause and trace it back to the entire neighborhood being poisoned due to the city painting over a bridge rather than removing lead.

Helen and Castro disagree over a patient Molly. Molly doesn't want to be part of Castro's treatment anymore but Castro didn't talk to Molly about hospice and all of her options.

Helen talks things over with Molly and leaves medicine out so that she can commit suicide when the time is right.

Lauren won't take help from anyone and takes a fall. Her PT doc leaves for vacation and doesn't get to tell her when she lashes out at him.

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

What do you think about Kenny's Cuts having its own in-house physician?


Helen: Molly, are you depressed?
Molly: No, I'm a lot of things, but depressed is not one of them.
Helen: Do you still find meaning in your life?
Molly: No.
Helen: And how do you find the quality of your life?
Molly: Lacking quality. Why are you asking me this?
Helen: These are extremely powerful painkillers, they're good at what they do. But if you take too many of them, you're breathing will slow, and you will die. I'm going to leave the room, and if they're gone when I get back, there will be no questions asked. This is your choice, no one else's. You're in control.