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  • Max prepares for Luna to return and gets the apartment ready for her. 
  • Helen gets a call that something is wrong with her family, but she doesn't share it with Shin, who she wakes up beside.
  • Floyd is starting his first day back at the job.
  • Iggy's patient Linus says his mother threw him out and his mother contends that she didn't. 
  • Max gets to Georgia's house and she doesn't really recognize him or seem happy to see him.
  • A patient attacks some of the staff members in a violent ouburst. Everyone feels guilty that they didn't notice soon enough that he was on something or do something more. Lauren wants to do something about the staff not actually being safe.
  • Iggy's patient Linus meets with his mother, but she claims he's an imposter and not her son. The discovering something on her CAT scan that explains her behavior because they DNA confirms that it is. 
  • Lauren's solution is to have a bunch of cops stationed at the hospital, but it's likely counterproductive and others have reservations about it. 
  • Max is struggling with the fact that Luna has changed so much, and he doesn't know things about her anymore.
  • Shin gives Helen an attorney for immigration even though she doesn't share what's going on with him.
  • Linus' mother has lesions on her brain that can't be treated, and she'll just keep seeing him as an imposter. 
  • Casey gives Lauren a talking to about why adding cops into the equation is going to make too many other people feel unsafe. 
  • Max goes to Georgia's grave to talk to her. He doens't know if he's enough for Luna now without her. 
  • Helen talks to Cassian. Her half brother died Farhad, and she needed to get his body home in time, but she ran out and the help from the lawyer came too late.
  • Iggy tries to figure out how to help Linus through what happened to his mother. 
  • Lauren's patient is a former bouncer, and he's the one who intimidates a patient who is acting up, which could be a solution for their problem in the ED.
  • Iggy tells Linus' mother that her son died to give her time to grieve, and they're bringing in Linus as someone who knows what she's dealing with to keep them together and supporting each other.
  • Lauren brings Leila in off the street and let's her stay in the hospital where she usually takes her naps in secret. 
  • Helen talks to Shin about her brother, and he opens up about his life and adoption. 
  • Max brings Luna home, and she recognizes it and is happy that he's there.
New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Linus, there is no easy way to say this to you, but your mother is never going to recognize you again. Her condition is permanent.


Shin: Everything OK?
Helen: Family stuff.