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  • Iggy is getting measured, weighed, and trying to lose weight and get healthy, but he's resistant to some things. 
  • Sandra got downsized, so Max tries to find something else for her to do. 
  • Agnes doesn't feel she's up for managing all of Kapoor's work while he's down and out. 
  • They have a blood shortage and Max is coming up with a solution. He walks into Helen and Shin kissing when he goes to update her. 
  • Shin gets a trauma that requires blood and Lauren calls to inform Max that they are officially out of it. 
  • Floyd has to adjust to working in the ED with Lauren now. 
  • Max proposes a way of getting parents to donate blood while puppies entertain the kids. 
  • Iggy does a group therapy with a veteran. But then he finds out from another that the man is lying when she punches him in the face. 
  • They perform maintenance on the room Lauren lets the homeless woman stay in,and her bacpack is moved. 
  • Helen determines that Elisa's mother is not her biological mother and that maybe the baby was switched at birth. 
  • Chance, the not veteran, is upset that no one believes him, and he attempts to set himself on fire. He talks about how he really got the burns.He was drun in the barn, and his cigarette lit up the barn and the house, and his parents died. 
  • Agnes' patient was beat up for being Asian by white guys upset about the Coronavirus.
  • Max gets aggravated and finally asks why no one there is giving blood and a woman explains that she's been giving and doing so much the past year and doesn't have anything left in her. She's tired. 
  • Iggy connects with Chance. 
  • Floyd gets creative when they're operating in the ED. 
  • Elisa has chimera two different bloods in her body. She was a twin, she didn't come to term, and she absorbed her, she has her blood too. She expressed that she felt different from her mother and the rest of the family. 
  • Agnes helps Rose and reveals to Max that she too got attacked and spit on for being Asian because of the pandemic.
  • The people that Max hired to entertain people who gave blood gave blood and called people. 
  • Lauren and Leyla talk, get a bit closer, and go out for dinner. 
  • Max asks Helen why she didn't tell him about Shin, and she reminds him that he never told her about Alice. Shin interrupts them and asks Helen for a dance before Max can finish explaining why he didn't tell her. 
New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

So just so I have this straight, you're letting a random homeless woman live in a hospital closet unsupervised.


New Amsterdam is officially out of blood.