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  • The hospital is getting in a bunch of pregnant mothers and more when their materity ward gets everything from the other program. 
  • One woman, Nia, had her baby and has some issues. She has a cancer and need radiation and treatment and has to isolate from her baby for at least three to four months if she hopes to survive. 
  • She struggles with being  islolated from he rbaby and she doesn't latch on when she tries to breastfeed her child 
  • Eventually before she leaves for her treatment she has a bonding moment with her baby and succesffuly breastfeeds. 
  • The patient who claimsshe isn't pregnant is eight months pregnatn and evnually goes into labor. Iggy tries to reason with Goldman on how to handle the case. 
  • He spends time bonding with Ydalis and brings in a midwife to help her deliver the baby. She's shocked by the delivery. 
  • She repressed memories of being sexually assaulted. 
  • She gives the baby up for adoption
  • Leyla is found in the supply closet and Karen is about to kick her out when Lauren comes to her aid. Later on Lauren invites Leyla to move in with her. 
  • Max advocates for his patient Evelyn to have teh birth expereince that she wants even when others try to talk her out of her and make decisions for her.
  • Helen has a hard time with Mina.
New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Lauren: Your blood test says you are pregnant.
Patient: Your test is as wrong as you are. I'm a virgin.

Don't shrink me and I won't crack open your chest.