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  • Floyd's mother is brought to the hospital after a fall. 
  • Max is getting videos of Luna walking, thugh he's in denial that she's walking without him. 
  • Helen's patient Millie wasn't taking the risk of coming into the hospital for her treatments. 
  • Iggy is trying to have zoom therapy sessions with his young patients, but it's not going over well because of the technical difficulties and more.
  • Dora returns and tells Max that they need money to save the hospital for elective surgeries. They need him to get people to return to New Amsterdam even though he doesn't want them coming if it's not safe for them to do so.
  • Iggy's young patient is struggling with being socially isolated because he's immunocompromised. He's biting his hands and appears to be hurting himself. 
  • Max is having a hard time doing a commercial to encourage people to come there when he doesn't believe in it. 
  • Max determines that Floyd's mother has diabetes
  • Lauren's patient who was brough in by an uber driver had a fracture. When she goes to talk to the woman, the woman can't breathe. The uber driver resucitates her when no one comes to her aid because it's too busy. She saves her life, but Bloom calls security. 
  • Reynold's mom's neuropathy is keeping her from being able to distribute her insulin, no matter how hard she tries. 
  • Leyla tells Bloom to look deeper into why Bloom's patient Riley is having a hard time. Bloom is too caught up on Leyla being an uber driver. 
  • Iggy's patient June disappeared. 
  • Max and Helen disagree about whether or not they should open the hospital back up to many people when she recognizes that there are people like Millie who could get worse or die because of their fear of coming into the hospital and getting the treatments they deserve. But Max doesn't want to open things up too early. 
  • Iggy finds June after she went missing. 
  • Floyd tells his sister that he wants to take their mother back to San Francisco and his sister is mad about it. 
  • Helen  goes on a rant about how they need to feel safe but they're scared when she tries to do the PSA. Dora releases it and it goes viral and improves their schedule so everyone wins.
  • Iggy arranges for a group of immunocorpromised people for June to socialize with, and their parents for her parents to socialize with.
  • Lauren finds the cab driver and she shares that she was a doctor in Pakistan and now she's homeless. She lets her shower at the hosptial.
  • Evie tells Floyd that his home is there and gives him back the engagement ring after apologizing for making him move to San Francisco. 
  • Max calls Georgia's parents and says he wants Luna to come back home. 
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New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

If you want a tagline, how about "Come back to New Amsterdam, because if you're not dead yet, we can finish the job."


How often do you get to see anybody who's not stuck inside of this box?