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  • Max's latest mission is to curve systemic racism at New Amsterdam. He talks to the woman who is in charge of dealing with these things, Isobel, and she let's him know that he has been dodging her calls. 
  • Max tries to get Helen to help him figure out how to resolve the issue and she points out the flaw in him coming to her asking that she help him. 
  • He puts a BLM mural on the floor but Floyd tells him that they don't have equal pay, even him. 
  • He tries to get the white doctors together to take a pay cut to increase the pay of the others, and they refuse and it still doesn't solve the problem. 
  • After many attempts, Helen finally lets him have it about what he needs to do, which is listen. 
  • He listens to all of the patients and staff of color. He still doesn't know what to do and the equity officer tells him that's a point. 
  • One of Iggy's patients is injured badly and he thinks that the sociopathic Juliette did it. After much hounding he figures out that Juleitte is actualy friends with the girl and told her how to defend herself which led to the injuries. 
  • Helen's niece has some issues and Helen agrees to take her in. She steps down for Deputy Medical Director position and breas up with Shin. 
  • Lauren treats a man who has a brain bleed who spent his days pretending to be superman to save lives. His organs go to Floyd's patient. 
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New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

You're not going to fix this because, and I can't believe I have to say this but, systemic racism is not about you. You want answers? Then just hold still, be quiet, and really listen to the people you say you want to help. It's not revolutionary, it's not going to be a quick fix. And if you can't handle that than you're not an ally at all. You're just another semi-woke white liberal with a white savior complex.


Floyd: I'm sorry about Superman, Lauren. Nothing about today feels like it makes sense.
Lauren: Maybe it does. He thought he was too small to make a difference.