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  • Max gets Helen to the  hospital, and he's overwhelmed by it.
  • Everyone gets to work trying to reach out to the people who aren't around and missing.
  • Floyd finds Mia's bike and later on finds her.
  • They find Elizabeth in her house collapse on the floor with a head wound after Ben and Karen go there.
  • Lauren reaches out to Ronnie and Lauren goes out to look for him.
  • Helen wakes up but has leg issues and clots.
  • Helen has many clots in her arteries all over her body which means three surgeries including a hysterectomy
  • Trevor calls Iggy back and he's in another hospital somewhere and knows that he's been drugged. Trevor says nothing happened between them but Martin overhears it when he shows up to tell Iggy about Sameera's appointment.
  • Floyd works on Mia who he's worried about.
  • Helen refuses the hysterectomy and wants something else.
  • WIlder gets checked out but she doesn't tell everyone what's going on with her and what all hapendd
  • Lauren and Leyla scour the area he was supposed to be last to find Casey
  • Leyla says she needs thousands of dollars for a immigration lawyer. They find Casey and he has a picture wound t his neck. They find a caulking gun in the  garbage and use that to stop his bleeding.
  • Lyn says she isn't leaving Claude and they don't know what to do.
  • Iggy tries to talk to Martin but Martin doesn't want to yet
  • Max proposes to Helen at her bedside after they talk about wanting to have a kid together and goes to get the ring. She almost dies by the time he comes back. She needs a heart surgery and Lyn operate on her with Max there to revive her if need be.
  • Floyd does a risky procedure by triggering Mia's allergies just to save her and it works when she almost died.
  • Wilder confronts the bart tender who blames doctors for exaggerating covid and poisoned them for it. She passes out.
  • Surgeon operates on her and Wilder is fine. She talks about when things turned against them as doctor.
  • Floyd agrees to let Lyn go even though the child is his.
  • Lauren agrees to give Leyla the money
  • Casey and Mia ar eokay
  • Helen wakes up and can't speak because she had a stroke.
New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Iggy: Did, uh, did anything happen last night?
Trevor: Happen?
Iggy: Yeah, happen? You know, anything less than professional between you and I?
Trevor: Sounds like you had it worse than me, mate. Nothing happened.

You have multiple clots in multiple arteries.