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  • Max focuses on burnout and he tells all the doctors to take the day to get tested and heal themselves.
  • Floyd finds out that has a heart issue that need to be addressed.
  • Iggy goes on a date. His date tries to hook up with him instantly.
  • Lauren finds out that she has to stop taking her Adderall cold turkey because she's underweight and other things.
  • Lauren gets to work eating to get her weight back up so she can get her meds back by the end of the week.
  • Wilder refuses to do the self care day.
  • She admits that she needs a surgery but it's not a big deal.She has carpal tunnel but she doesn't want surgery because she needs her hands to communicate and can't not do that for weeks.
  • Iggy talks to another gay doctor about the frustrating aspect of dating while gay and the obsession with sex in the culture.
  • Max tells Wilder that he found a lump in his neck again and he's worried about cancer returning and how he can't do that again, and that's what pushed him to have everyone else take care of themselves.
  • After pushing Wilder for surgery, and she explained why she can't go weeks without being able to use her hands to commujnicate, she scheduled the surgery.
  • Lauren is really battling her ADHD in the ED.
  • Iggy talks to Rylance about his marriage and all that and Rylance tells Iggy that his marriage isn't the root of his ED.
  • Elizabeth gets her surgery and Ben thanks Max for being the only person who can get her to do it.
  • Max gets his MRI results and learns that he has to have a biopsy to determine if the lump is cancerous or not.
New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Rylance: Your impotence wasn't your body failing. It was your body giving you a warning. This is not what you want. Why did you end your marriage?
Iggy: Because I couldn't be the person I want.
Rylance: Marvelous. The question is, who do you want to be?

I run an emergency department. I can't do that if I, myself, am in a state of emergency.