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Regretting her split with Russell, Jess rebounds with Paul only to find out later on that he has a serious girlfriend. Unable to live with the idea of being a cheater having once been cheated on herself, Jess forces Paul to confess to his girlfriend. But his mistake made Paul realize that he truly loves his girlfriend, so, with Jess' help, he proposes to her. She accepts. This makes Jess realize that when you love someone it's simple  - you just know.

Nick is ignoring all the warning signs that getting back together with Caroline is a bad idea. He claims she's changed, and he believes it so much that he agrees to move in with her. Jess is crushed by this news.

CeCe brings Schmidt to visit her grandmother in a nursing home. Still suffering from his injury from last week, a nursing home seems like the perfect place for a "date". Meeting CeCe's family makes Schmidt realize how much he cares for CeCe, and she for him.

After a crazy night out with his boss, Winston gets an earring.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

Paul is the all-time worst crier. It's like a slow motion sneeze.


Paul: Now I know what Bill Clinton feels like!
Jess: Now I know what Monica Lewinsky feels like!
Paul: I'm sorry I made you feel like Monica Lewinsky!