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One of Jess' students is being bullied by Brianna (Joey King) a smart but intimidating girl in Jess' class. Jess tries to solve the problem through song, but this only ends with her students making fun of her on YouTube. Jess discovers that Brianna posted the video and sits down to chat with her. Before Jess can say anything meaningful, Brianna turns the tables on Jess. Angry, Jess lashes out and breaks Brianna's science project - a robotic arm. She attempts to fix it in time for the science fair, but when Brianna attempts to operate it, the arm sparks. Jess confesses to what she did, but instead of punishing her, the principal welcomes Jess into the ranks of "children haters".

Schmidt and CeCe are still sleeping together, but keeping their relationship a secret. CeCe is ashamed to be with Schmidt, but Schmidt has strong feelings for her and wants to make their relationship known. He convinces her to meet him halfway and at least go out to breakfast, in public, with him.

Away on a business trip in China, Julia sends Nick a cactus. Nick interprets this to mean she thinks he can't take care of a real plant and she's going to break up with him. He leaves her seven needy, anxious voicemail messages. When Julia returns home, she breaks up with him. Nick tries to cope by being cheerful and optimistic, but eventually he breaks down.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

I'm like a sexual snowflake. Each night with me is a unique experience.


I wish there was a word that meant complete satisfaction and complete self loathing.