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Nick is moving out of the loft and in with Caroline, despite the gang's objections. They help him pack up and leave, but on the way to the new apartment Nick freaks out and drives the moving fan into the desert and throws away the keys. Schmidt calls Jess for help. She and CeCe arrive, but Jess refuses to drive Nick back to his new apartment so she throws her keys away too.

The whole group is stranded in the desert overnight with Winston fighting his fears of the dark. Schmidt and CeCe's relationship has hit a rough patch since Schmidt visited her at one of her photo shoots earlier that day. Convinced that CeCe can't be happy with a guy like him when she spends all day hanging out with hot male models, Schmidt tries to dump her. CeCe sees right through him, but is upset that he betrayed her trust by going through her phone.

While looking for his keys, Nick and Jess have a heart to heart but their conversation is interrupted by a coyote. Jess manages to scare him off.

The next morning, Jess "finds" her keys (which she only pretended to throw into the desert) and they drive back to drop Nick off at his new apartment. Later that night, however, Nick is back. He didn't move in with Caroline and is ready to move back into the loft.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 1 Episode 24 Quotes

I'm worried about Schmidt, he's a Jew in the desert I don't want him to wander.


What's wrong? You're stress-eating meat.

Jess [to Schmidt]