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-Nick and Jess, eager to focus on their new romance free of the distractions caused by their roommates, take an impromptu Mexican beach vacation.

-Lacking money, they sleep on the beach. When they decide to sneak into a nearby resort, Nick gets arrested.

-Jess heads back to LA to round up Schmidt and Winston, to get together the funds to bail Nick out of Mexican jail.

-After some confused bribes, the gang finds Nick is safe and sound in "resort jail"-- a nicely furnished room at the resort.

-Schmidt, unable to decide between Cece and Elizabeth, continues to date both women, while letting each believe he has dumped the other.

-Winston struggles to complete an extremely simple puzzle.


New Girl
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Where have you been? I am having a major life crisis, and you guys are, what, just driving around, French kissing each other like a couple of Dutch hookers?


Puzzle me this then, Winston-- how do you live with yourself?