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-Nick and Jess ask CeCe and Schmidt join them on a double date. 

-Cece, concerned about Schmidt's recent erratic behavior, asks Jess to ask Nick to ask Schmidt of he is on drugs.

-Schmidt reveals to Nick that he is still seeing Elizabeth behind Cece's back.

-Nick, unable to keep his secret to himself, tells Jess that Schmidt is cheating, while they are on their way to the double date.

-Also en route to the double date, Schmidt lies and tells Cece that Nick is the one who is cheating, and that the anxiety of keeping that secret is what has made him act strangely.

-Believing Schmidt's lie, an enraged Cece punches Nick in the balls as soon as they arrive at the restaurant.

-But when Schmidt admits the truth to Cece, the double date--and his relationship with her--are over.

-Cece also calls Elizabeth and reveals the truth, which leads to Elizabeth breaking up with Schmidt and smashing a pie into his face.

-The newly single, pie-covered Schmidt vows revenge against Jess and Nick--he blames their meddling for the horrible way his two-timing ended, and tells them he will seek vengeance by breaking them up.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm not convinced I know how to read, I've just memorized a lot of words.


Cece, I'm sorry, but when I stand up, you're gonna see my penis, and when I walk out, you're gonna see my butt.