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-Jess thinks that Nick should meet up with with his ex-girlfriend, Caroline, and clear the air so that they can move on and become friends.

-But the meeting doesn't go so well--in fact, Nick never admits to Caroline that he is now dating Jess, and when she finally finds out, she is enraged.

-Caroline is also mad that Nick never told her why he broke up with her.

-Jess thinks that Nick needs to get some advice on how to be friendly with an ex from her own friendliest ex, Berkley.

-Nick thinks that Berkley is still romantically interested in Jess, but Jess denies it.

-Berkley comes over to help Nick work through his issues with Caroline...and confesses to Jess that he still loves her.

-Jess does not reciprocate.

-Caroline tries to smash up Nick's car (accidentally smashing someone else's) in a fit of rage, and then storms up to the loft.

-Nick finally admits why he left Caroline: he fell in love with Jess the moment he met her.

-He has cleared the air, but he and Caroline do not become friends.

-Coach and Winston finally visit Schmidt in his new loft, and find that it is very nicely decorated.

-Schmidt offers them each their own keys, which they use immediately to bring girls over.

-When Schmidt arrives with a girl of his own, the three men try to develop a scheme that will prevent any of the women there from knowing that anyone else is there.

-It doesn't work, and Schmidt and Coach's dates storm out.

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New Girl Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

I love you, Jessica--God, it feels good to say that out loud, and not just to my sleeping wife.


Can't spell sex without the 'ex.'