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-After a long night playing the mysterious "True American" drinking game, the loft gang wakes up with killer hangovers.

-Jess awakens to find that she is late for her god-child's birthday party, and recruits an extremely hungover Nick to assemble the toy she bought as a gift.

-As he struggles to assemble the gift, the cranky pair discuss their ideas for the future...and find that they don't fit together well at all.

-Jess, for instance, wants to move back to Oregon and raise her family near a lake; Nick is interested in exploring space, or, if not that, long-haul trucking.

-As the discussion turns into the fight, the two accidentally set a small fire in the loft.

-After the fire is extinguished, Jess and Nick decide that they're better off as friends.

-Winston, Coach, and Schmidt all compete to hit on the pretty new girls moving into the building, but disagree on what is the best tactic to use.

-None of the tactics work, and the pretty new girls do not date any of the loft dudes.

-Cece is nervous because she texted a bunch of weird messages to her new boyfriend, Buster, but he is amused by them and doesn't mind.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

It's MY garden party, and Zachary Quinto is not on the list!


Cece: You know that guy I'm dating?
Schmidt: Buster, your child bride?