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-Nick, after binging on Chinese food, tries to get in shape with Coach's help.

-He has a difficult time getting started, and decides to quit after a very short period of time.

-Unable to secure funding for a bus, Jess cannot take her class on a trip to the ocean.

-Despondent, she decides to take out her frustrations on the local Chinese restaurant, which has been papering their apartment building with menus.

-After Jess confronts the owner, he promises to stop leaving so many menus. But when Jess catches him leaving even more menus, he admits that he lied to her to get her off his back.

-Winston injures himself trying to exercise, and ends up in a wheelchair. He then has an allergic reaction to the Chinese food, causing his jaw to lock.

-Jess takes the wheelchair-bound, lock-jawed Winston to the Chinese restaurant and scares all the customers away.

-The owner agrees to Jess's terms...but then reacts by firing the man who delivered the menus.

-Jess, now even sadder, comes home, where Coach is also depressed about his inability to train Nick.

-Coach and Jess, together, proclaim that they have given up, and are just going to eat Chinese food.

-Nick, saddened at this, motivates them, and gives Jess an idea.

-Jess asks the Chinese restaurant to lend her their delivery van, which she uses to drive her class on their trip to the ocean.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Coach: Remember when you sat out of the game because you were sad?
Winston: I was also cold.

Coach: His jeans are so small.
Nick: Looks like a puppet, like something an Italian whittled