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-After Cece and Jess are nearly hit by a speeding car, the car's guilty driver invites them to a party that night--thrown by Prince!

-Nick, moved by Jess's beauty as she gets ready to leave for the party, accidentally tells her that he loves her.

-Jess, caught off-guard, does not reply, but merely shoots him "finger guns."

-The guys all become determined to sneak into Prince's party, and get in with varying degrees of ease.

-An embarrassed Nick thinks that Jess does not love him, and vows to take back his earlier proclamation.

-Prince takes a personal interest in the problem, and talks to Jess about her fears, convinces her to be honest with Nick, and gives her a new dress to wear.

-Jess tells Nick she loves him, at the party.

-Jess sings on stage with Prince as he performs at his party.


New Girl
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

I'm in a limo! I wish I had really long legs so I could stretch 'em out the length of the limo!


Panty Hawk! I'd watch that show!