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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 6, Winston informs that group that one of the last things he needs to do to complete police academy training is a home visit. The friends are all for it except for Jess who admits to everyone, except for Winston, that she has meth hidden in her closet. The guys want to know how she managed to get such an illegal substance in the house and Jess tells them that when she went to a garage sale she bought an ottoman that opens up, inside the ottoman was the meth. She immediately threw it in her closet because she is the only one that goes in there and figured it would be safe.

Of course the friends try to come up with an idea to get rid of the meth all the while, Winston is oblivious to this bump in the road. Before they can throw the drugs away, the woman doing the inspection for the academy arrives and they shove the meth in Jess's shirt. While interviewing the friends, Cece shows up to try to help Jess out. They go into the bathroom and try to flush the drugs down the toilet but it just makes it stop up. As they are cleaning up the mess, Winston walks in and finds out about the drugs. He wants to know why Jess did not come to him with the problem and she admits that she did not think he would make it this far in training. Winston decides to take the fall for her since no one thinks he can be a cop but he quickly stopped when Jess yells that she has meth. Though it turns out that the meth is actually rocks from an aquarium and Winston gets the word that he is going to be a cop because he is one of their best cadets.

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I have no idea why you live with these people. What kind of person would urinate on an electrical socket?

The Fish

I once tried on my girl cousin’s wool tights and I didn’t hate how it felt.