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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 22, Coach is determined to move out of the loft without taking any mementos with him. Coach tries to convince Nick and Schmidt they need to make a clean break as well, but things don't go as planned. As the guys are going through the various things they have kept through the years, Nick figures out he isn't able to let things go and Schmidt pretends like he's ready to let go of all the things he kept of Cece.

Schmidt goes to donate the box of mementos he kept of Cece, but after putting the box in the donations, he has second thoughts and is determined to get it back. When the person comes to empty the donations, Schmidt fights him for the box and runs back to the loft. At the loft, Jess finds a loophole to let Schmidt know Cece is still in love with him. Schmidt is determined to get her back and makes the decision to go find her on the mountain she is climbing. Schmidt says his goodbyes to Coach and when he is about to leave, Cece is waiting on the other side of the door.

Thanks to a bunch of messages left on Cece's phone, she found out Fawn and Schmidt were no longer together and she ran back as fast as she could. Schmidt and Cece both admit they are still in love with each other and Schmidt goes one step further and proposes to Cece, saying he knew from the moment he met her that she was the one and Cece accepts the proposel.

Coach gives a teary goodbye to his friends and will be back for the wedding of Schmidt and Cece.

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New Girl Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Winston: Live from New York, it's Coach's goodbye!
Jess: Show's over.
Winston: We ain't doing this?

Jess: There he is! Mr. New York. Mr. Broadway. Happy last day, I made you this.
Coach: It's a bunch of pictures of you.
Jess: Well, I had to take the necessary precautions because the last time you left, you forgot who I was. You called me Jebecka.