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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 10, Cece and Jess see how quickly Coach and Schmidt make up with each other after a fight. They tell the guys that they never fight and that since they have been friends for so long that they have nothing to worry about. Jess recounts a story about how they almost fought over a purse at a sample sale, but thankfully they both just walked away -- Schmidt then reveals that Jess owns the purse in question. This leads to Cece and Jess getting into a fight that Schmidt puts himself in the middle of. Things come to blows when Schmidt gives Cece the purse and she starts a fight with Jess through emoticons. Things really get out of hand at Nadia's baby shower when the girls get into a physical fight that puts them in the hospital, but they thankfully make up before they leave.

Meanwhile, Nick starts a new relationship with Kai, Tran's granddaughter. Things take an odd turn when they decide to ditch their first date and go back to the loft to drink, have pizza and watch movies. What was supposed to be one day turns into three days and Winston becomes suspicious of Kai and investigates her; he determines that she is homeless and that Nick is her sugar daddy. Thankfully Winston is not the best investigator and Kai is actually extremely wealthy. Nick ends up staying over at Kai's place in the end and they begin their relationship.

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