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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 11, the friends are all traveling for Christmas and decide to drive to LAX together. Unfortunately when they arrive at the airport they are bombarded with tons of passengers running around trying to get seats on the next flight into Chicago and other Midwestern cities -- a huge winter storm is over the Midwest and all flights have been grounded. 

--Nick and Winston go to great lengths to get seats on the next available flight to Chicago so they can see their respective families. The guys even pretend to be working for the airport and try to bump people off planes as well as cause people to become uncomfortable so they will give up their seats. Unfortunately their efforts don't work until Jess becomes friends with a ticket-taker and is able to get the guys onto a flight. 

--Things with Jess and Ryan are heating up and they are able to keep their relationship a secret at the school. While rehearsing for the annual school Christmas play Ryan invites Jess to come to London with him for Christmas to which she agrees to go; though at the airport she experiences cold feet. Jess's presents get stolen and when Ryan sends her pictures of his families home Jess decides that she is not ready to go and texts Ryan that she can't make it. Thankfully her friends intervene and she gets on the plane to London -- unfortunately Ryan bought a ticket to LA to be with her.

--Coach decides to skip his families Christmas and instead gets a ticket to Hawaii. While at the airport he has some inner struggles with himself and the thought of not seeing his niece gets to him and he decides last minute to go see his family.

--Cece and Schmidt enjoy some first class luxury until an older gentleman tries to "buy" Cece off of Schmidt. Schmidt tells him no, but doesn't tell Cece what he did. When they have a heart to heart with each other in the food court she tells him that she likes that they are friends which rubs Schmidt the wrong way.

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