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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 20, Jess is determined to get new computers for the school and decides to take part in a charity golf tournament with Fawn so she can network with important women. At the tournament it becomes clear Jess doesn't have a clue what she's doing, so Fawn tries to help her. Fawn grooms her on how to properly network with the various women, including the woman who could potentially get her school new computers. Jess takes this advice and she gets an in with the ladies, but she soon learns the whole tournament is just for show and they never planned to do anything for her. Jess becomes determined to finish her game of golf because she's an honest person and wants to prove honest people get things. At the final hole, after golfing for hours, Jess finally gets the answer she wants and she'll finally get computers for the school; though she'll have to wait till 2018.

Winston meets a girl named Casey and they hit it off until she says she isn't a fan of cops. Winston lies about what he does and says he actually is a stripper who poses as a cop in his routines. After getting advice from Nick, Winston finally lets Casey in on the truth, but before she can forgive him she makes him strip for her office.  

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