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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 12, Winston finally graduates from the police academy and while most of the friends are excited about this new future, Nick and Coach are having a hard time letting Winston go. 

Nick and Winston do not approve of the training officer, Officer Ali,  that Winston has; they both believe that since she is a girl and is "tiny" she won't be able to protect Winston if danger comes. So of course the guys take it upon themselves and try to protect Winston by following him around. When Officer Ali sees the guys trailing them she pulls over and proves she is not one to mess with when she beats them up. 

Winston and Ali don't arrest Nick and Coach, but instead take them to a support group for families of officers where they have a nurturing environment to help them accept their friends new line of work.

Meanwhile, Jess and Schmidt are irritated with the constant night construction going on outside their windows; so they decide to do something about it. At Winston's graduation ceremony they meet a councilwoman named Fawn Moscato who is decides to make Schmidt her pet causing him to be on the opposite side of the noise ordinance. 

At a council meeting Jess provides her side of the issue and before Schmidt can give his rebuttal, Cece distracts him by talking about the length of his suit jacket. Schmidt tries to give a speech, but he can't help being distracting by the newly tailored jacket. Jess ends up winning the argument and the construction now takes place in the morning. 

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