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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 14, Nick and Schmidt are working together for their new business venture. They both come up with the idea of a suit which is made out of sweats and they name it a swuit. When they reveal the prototype to the friends they are laughed at and decided to go back to the drawing board. While working together the two of them can't help but fight with each other thus not being able to get any work done. Jess tries to get them to stop fighting by making up stories about each of them, but it backfires on her and the guys continue to fight.

When Schmidt and Nick go to pitch their idea things take a turn for the worse when Nick forgets to bring the prototype with him, but Jess tries to save the day by bringing it to the guys. Unfortunately even Jess can't help the guys and they have to go back to the drawing board again and come up with more ideas. 

Meanwhile, Cece is having some money problems and she isn't sure she will be able to pay for next semester so Coach and Winston try to help her out. When Cece refuses to take the money the guys convince her to take it by saying they are investing in her college career and when she graduates she can pay them back with 10% interest. 

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