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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 9, Schmidt comes up with the brilliant idea of Bangsgiving. Since they are all single he decides that they should put names in a hat and bring a date for whomever they choose. This leads to some interesting choices for the friends. 

Coach brings Ryan, Jess's teacher crush, to the dinner as Jess's date. Jess tells Ryan that things can not go any further with them because she is over him and could lose her job. Jess goes to her friends and asks them what she should do, they tell her that she just needs to sleep with Ryan once and get over the feelings. So Jess goes to Ryan and tries to get him to sleep with her so they can just get their feelings out of the way and move on, but Ryan doesn't want any part of that; he wants a relationship with her. Ryan leaves and Jess gets advice from Nick -- he tells her that she is just afraid of moving on, but that she needs to make the decision and take a chance on Ryan. Jess goes and sees Ryan at his house and they begin a relationship. 

Coach is paired up with a woman from Winston's police academy. She is extremely muscular and it turns Coach off at first until he realizes that they both have a lot in common. 

Winston's date is a lunch lady from Jess's school, but the only problem is, Coach has an aversion to lunch ladies thanks to a horrible experience when he was in high school. Thankfully the two hit it off and Coach faces his fear. 

Nick's date was Tran, not a shocker, and comes to the conclusion that he needs a woman that is exactly like Tran. Tran's granddaughter shows up and Nick now has a new woman in his life. 

Schmidt's date doesn't work out and this brings him closer to Cece whose date never shows up until the end of the night but Cece pretends to be someone else so he leaves.

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We'll be celebrating Bangsgiving!


I just want to be slapped around!