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--Schmidt convinces the group of friends that they all must get laid at the last wedding of the season.

--Jess hits on best man Ted but Kat, another quest at the wedding, wants him too. Both women compete for his attention.

--Schmidt and Nick get into an uncomfortable situation when the two brides maids that they are hitting on want to take part in a foursome with them. 

--It turns out Coach has been sleeping his way through the last 10 weddings and is now being confronted by all of those women in hilarious fashion.

--Winston is now training in the police academy, is sore and all he wants to do is sleep.

--We also find out that Cece is now single but Schmidt doesn't find out till the end of the episode, he finds it interesting but does nothing to pursue it just yet.

--At the end of the episode all the friends end up going home with each other and ripping up all the past wedding invitations.

New Girl
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