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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 19, Schmidt and Nick make a decision about investing in the bar, but they only have half of the money needed. Schmidt, knowing his mom Louise is coming to town, decides he will finally ask her for his bar mitzvah money which will give the guys the rest of the money they need. When Schmidt asks Louise for the money she agrees to give it to him, but he first needs to write out his thank you notes to everyone who came to his bar mitzvah before she gives him the money. 

Schmidt and Nick enlist Winston and Aly in helping them track down the various people who came to his bar mitzvah. Schmidt writes out his thank you notes, but when he gives them to his mother to look over she isn't happy with them and wants him to re-write them so they are more personable. Nick talks with Schmidt and convinces him to stand up to his mother once and for all which Schmidt does. Louise goes to get her nails done and unknowingly talks with Cece who gives her the advice to back off on her son and let him make his own choices which Louise listens to and she gives Schmidt his money. Nick and Schmidt finally own part of the bar.

Jess is starting to date this guy named Pete who Coach set her up with. She decides to send him a sext message which is of her in her shirt with her bra over the shirt. When she doesn't hear from him for a while she goes looking for him and finds out he died. Jess guilts Cece and Coach in going to the funeral with her so she can delete the message she sent to him. At the memorial they encounter Pete's friends and are put into uncomfortable situations especially when they try to look for his phone and find out they aren't the only one who sent Pete a terrible text message. When Jess tries calling the phone to find it, she's too late and his other friends have found the phone and Jess's sext message is there for everyone to see. 

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