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On New Girl Season 5 Episode 10, Jess returned back to the loft and took an instant liking to Reagan. After talking with Reagan, Jess figured out Reagan had feelings for Nick and tried to convince her to be honest with him. Reagan denied having any romantic feelings for Nick, but after Jess invites Nick to help her and Reagan out with tracking down a fellow juror, Reagan realizes she does like Nick. Jess, again, tried to tell her to just be honest with him, but she figured since she's leaving she won't tell Nick. Thankfully, at the airport, Reagan finally gets up the nerves to call Nick and, in a way, tell him how she feels. Nick doesn't know how to take what Reagan said, but he's happy they might have a chance at a relationship eventually. 

Meanwhile, Winston invites Schmidt and Cece to his dance gathering, but Schmidt becomes uncomfortable when he realizes nothing is choreographed. Cece and Winston try to convince Schmidt to just let everything go and just feel the music, but he can't relax. Schmidt admits when he was younger, and taking part in a talent show, he forgot the moves to the dance he was doing and was instantly ridiculed. Schmidt made it his mission to never dance unless he knew every single move. Eventually Cece and Winston are able to get through to Schmidt and he's finally able to dance in front of everyone without a choreographed routine. 

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New Girl Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

I put on my special underwear because Jess is back because I made a promise I'd be wearing these when you came back.


I feel like the moment passed, right?