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On New Girl Season 5 Episode 15, Jess attempted to smooth things over between Nick and Sam, but kept running into a wall. To make matters even worse, Jess was having a difficult time trying to buy a car thanks to a sexiest car salesman. Nick suggested Jess email the car salesman and pretend to be a man to get the price she wants on her car. The plan works until the salesman asks the man Jess created, Jeff Day, to come in and sign the papers. Unfortunately, Sam is in surgery and she's forced to ask Nick to help her out. Sam finds out and goes to the dealership as well and pretends to be Jeff Day. Jess begins to get angry with the men and forces them to come to terms with their feelings and promise when she's around that they will get along. 

Meanwhile, Schmidt and Cece have a lunch date with a woman Winston has started dating named Rhonda. Winston fails to to mention Rhonda is a prankster and she continues to play pranks on Cece and Schmidt forcing them to tell Winston he's not allowed to have a plus one at their wedding. Winston gets upset with them and leaves the lunch. After discussing it with each other, Schmidt and Cece decide to let Winston invite Rhonda, but when they give him the news they are shocked to find out him and Rhonda got married. 

Winston and Rhonda claim it as a prank, but the joke is ultimately on Winston when he tries to get an annulment, but Rhonda has already left to go overseas. 

On New Girl Season 5 Episode 16, Jess has a shocking sex dream about Nick and tells Cece about it. Cece tries to reason with Jess it only happened because she was talking about Nick with Sam before she went to bed. Jess sees it as being surrounded by Nick and decides to get rid of all the things he gave her as gifts. Nick finds out what she did and demands to know why she did it. Jess refuses to tell him the truth, but thanks to Cece he's able to figure out Jess had a sex dream about him and demands to know the details. Jess gets angry and forces a helmet on her head that Nick gave her, but isn't able to get it off because it's a medium child size helmet. 

Jess ends up having the cancel on Sam, and meeting his parents, because she finds out the helmet was given to Nick by his father and she doesn't want to destroy it because of the sentimental value. Sam understands and decides to go meet his parents for dinner anyway. Nick makes the decision to destroy the helmet so Jess can go have dinner with Sam and tells her it's time to let him go. 

In the end, Jess takes a piece of the helmet and gets it framed so it can sit in the bar. 

You still have time to catch up before the season finale. Go watch New Girl online now via TV Fanatic anytime. 

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