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On New Girl Season 5 Episode 17, Schmidt questioned his manhood when a crazy man in traffic confronted him. Schmidt decides to show what kind of man he is by planning a bachelor party in Las Vegas.

All the guys decide to drive to Las Vegas, but run into a problem with Schmidt's motorcycle crashes in the middle of nowhere. Nick suggests they go into a shady looking bar and have some fun, but the locals in the bar aren't as accepting. Schmidt ends up getting into a fight with a couple of the guys and he convinces Nick to take part in the fight as well.

Unfortunately, things take a turn when the men bring backup to the fight which out numbers Nick and Schmidt. Nick and Schmidt still decide to fight, and their other friends take part in said fight, but they still end up losing. After the fight, Schmidt admits the reason he is having such a hard time is because he's afraid he won't be able to take care of Cece. Nick reminds Schmidt he has nothing to worry about when it comes to taking care of Cece because Schmidt has always taken care of him. 

Meanwhile, on New Girl Season 5 Episode 18, Cece thinks Jess has planned a calm bachelorette party, but is surprised to learn Jess planned to smoke weed with Cece to have a little fun. 

The girls smoke, and watch some movies, but when a present arrives from Schmidt's mom Cece gets angry about the implication that she won't be able to take care of Schmidt. Cece, and Jess, take their anger out on the girl, but Schmidt calls the women up and lets them know he knows about the gift and wants to see it. 

Jess and Cece try to get a replacement for the gift, but the store refuses a refund because of the damages. They try to convince the woman to sell them the floor model, but she again refuses them a sale. Jess gets the idea to sneak the floor model in the box they brought and replace it with the damaged one they brought into the store. Of course the plan doesn't work and they end up getting arrested. 

Cece admits she's afraid she won't be able to protect Schmidt, but Jess reminds her that she has always been there to protect her. Cece and Jess are able to escape mall jail and show up back at the loft just in time for the guys to get there. Things take an interesting turn when they are all kidnapped, but it's revealed Nadia was the one behind the kidnapping and wanted to throw a Russian bachelor party for Cece and Schmidt. 

You still have time to catch up on the season before the finale. Go watch New Girl online now via TV Fanatic anytime. 

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Is this change of plans an overreaction to something?


I don't understand. Is Toby your name?